Museum of the Moving Image
Storefront for Art and Architecture
Hunter College
NYC is a new continual electroacoustic live performance for multi-channel speaker systems. The sonic “raw” material of this series stems exclusively from his installation CHANNELS (Fridman Gallery NYC, January 2018). Neumann frequently uses given sonic material as a compositional strategy. In what he calls a “continual concrète practice,” Neumann stages multiple iterations of given material in different sites, systems, and situations, layering, staggering, cutting, and merging sonic traces and imprints. Inspired by the Musique Concrète, he proposes that musical composition begins with concrete sounds instead of an abstract idea. But, in contrast to the fixed media compositions of Musique Concrète, Neumann’s pieces do not result in a finished, hermetic work. Rather, each iteration is responsive to its concrete surroundings and different speaker types and systems. The altered sonic material is subsequently re-applied to new listening situations. In this way, Neumann’s performances are temporary concretions that weave different spatio-temporal fragments and layers together.

daniel neumann spatial sound - past concretions

February 17 2018
Spectrum, NYC
8-ch live diffusion

February 20 2018
Hunter College, NYC
8-ch live diffusion as part of SPACE AS MATERIAL - An Evening of Spatial Sound Works 
organized by IMA Sound Studies

May 17 2018
Storefront of Art and Architecture, NYC
10.1-channel live diffusion as part of Listening Series: Playing Spaces

August 15 2018
Museum of the Moving Image
5-ch 3D sound for Ken Jacobs's Nervous Magic Lantern and Contour Editions: Imaginary 3-D Tour of Rubble Cities