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an audio-visual online performance

Daniel Neumann opens SO⅃OS, the new performance series at Fridman Gallery, with a performance titled SOUNDCHECK, which simultaneously functions as the actual check for the series. Neumann’s art is influenced by his technical profession as a sound engineer. With this opening performance he is inverting his technical role – being the engineer for the series – into an explicit part of his artistic practice.

For SOUNDCHECK Neumann activates the whole apparatus: playback devices, multiple microphones, spatial amplification, cameras, the gallery space itself, recording, time layers, solitude and online liveness. The limitations of this SO⅃O are actualized as generative potentialities, the engineer::performer taking on the empty gallery one-on-one.

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About the series::

a space of limit as possibility

May 14 -July 30, 2020

​Fridman Gallery and CT::SWaM present SO​⅃​OS, weekly performances inside the empty gallery.
Operating within NYC’s shelter-in-place guidelines, only one person – the performer – is present. Equipped with multiple microphones and cameras (mixed remotely), the space itself becomes a generative agent for the performer. As the world moves online, our bodies remain situated within physical boundaries, resulting in a new kind of dissonance. SO​⅃​OS turns this phenomenon inside out, the shuttered confines of the gallery creating a new immediacy.

​All performances on Thursdays at 8pm, except June 4 (9pm) and as may be posted otherwise.
​​Tickets: $5 each concert (live viewing and unlimited playback); $35 series pass (live viewing and unlimited playback of all 12 concerts).

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