New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

Frühjahrszug is a collaborative piece by Patrick Franke, Daniel Neumann, Dave Ruder, Ole Schmidt and Chris Weinheimer. It is part of AlulaTonSerien and was performed at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2010

The movements of flocks of birds provide the basic theme from which each protagonist develops his own musical and conceptual approach. The instrumentalists Schmidt (clarinet) and Weinheimer (flute) each composed and pre-recorded a one-channel part, which is played back from the stage. This playback is accompanied live by Ruder (clarinet). Neumann picks up the trio on stage with three microphones and diffuses these sounds into the 8-channel sound system surrounding the audience. Franke composed an 8-channel piece made from field recordings of actual bird movements. In his part he also considers the location of Elebash Hall in emulating the birds' south - north migration.

AlulaTonSerien is a platform for sound art and electroacoustic music series. Participants explore new ways of composing, which generally can be described as modular collaborations. Through modular collaborations a non-hierarchical, decentralized form of organization is put into practice, replacing the single composer as the creative genius. Pieces in this series are developed in different formats and variations as ongoing processes of adopting basic materials and themes.