Festival Espacios Resonantes
Santiago de Chile
Basel, Switzerland
Fridman Gallery
Beacon, NY
Basel, Switzerland
Takarazuka Art Project
Takarazuka, Japan
The Room Tone Generator [RTG] is a software instrument intended to produce finely tuned, static background tones to alter the room atmosphere in a given space. In this instrument everything revolves around one center frequency [THE Frequency], the frequency of it's main oscillator. This frequency gets tuned to a subjectively intriguing resonance in the space, or according to specific acoustic properties of the physical space. All other parameters and voices of the RTG, brought into play in following steps, are in variable mathematical ratios to THE Frequency. That way all harmonics, partials and overtones are related, and in a specific and unique relationship to the architectural space. This allows for the creation of site-specific tonalities, which are articulating and situating a given space through sound, instead of using sound as a means of representing a preexisting spatiality. For Neumann this relates to his concept of non-representational spatial sound composition.

The type of speaker used is not that important, yet it is more fun to use ones that can output a nice bass. The RTG is capable of multi-channel output, up to 8 channels. Speakers should be postioned in unusual configurations, in an odd corner, pointing at the wall, under the table, facing up from a balcony, in an alove, below the floor board etc.

The RTG was initially developed for and with Axel Töpfer and used in various installations of his to subtly alter the atmosphere in a room. Neumann has later on, as the instrument developed, begun using it for his spatial performances and own installations. The audio example is a study, made as a present for Alexander Schneider's 43rd birthday in November 2022.

Past installations with the RTG::
Das Schwellenstück, Festival Espacios Resonantes, Santiago de Chile 2022
Nach Birken, Wettsteinhäusli Basel, Switzerland 2022
Für Alina, Fridman Gallery Beacon, NY 2022
Obschon der Kauz schaut, Aloïse Basel, Switzerland 2021
Die Sehnsucht Nach Dem Jetzt, Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf, Germany 2021  
Takarazuka Art Project, Takarazuka, Japan 2017

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