Diapason Gallery
Santos Party House

Perspectives on microsound
October 2009

Diapason Gallery presents current perspectives on the idea of "microsound"- a technical term and also a musical genre - in honor of the 10th anniversary of the .microsound.org mailing list (founded by Kim Cascone). 10ms features multi-channel installations, sound objects, performances, lectures, texts, and other media.

Microsound is a term that encompasses explorations of sound on a time scale "shorter than musical notes." It includes and overlaps genres such as glitch music, granular synthesis, lowercase sound, etc.

Participating artists: Brett Ian Balogh, Riccardo Benassi, Kim Cascone, Thanos Chrysakis, Robert Curgenven, Taylor Deupree, Ian Epps, Patrick Franke, Heribert Friedl, Richard Garet, Sarah Karp, Kenneth Kirschner, Thomas Köner, Tomas Korber, Damian Marhulets, Mamoru Okuno, Kamran Sadeghi, Erik Schoster, Phillip Schulze, Bernd Schurer, Keiko Uenishi and Tamara Yadao. Curated by Daniel Neumann

Join us for a special celebratory dance party with djs showcasing microhouse through the past decade and live acts playing contemporary microsounds for the dancefloor.

Special Events

Saturday October 3, 8pm
Brett Ian Balogh

Thursday October 8, 8pm at Flushnik
Bernd Schurer / Tomas Korber /
Taylor Deupree / Kenneth Kirschner

Saturday October 10, 8pm
Damian Marhulets / Ian Epps

Tuesday October 20, 8pm
Tamara Yadao / Daniel Neumann lecture

Saturday October 24, 8pm
Heribert Friedl / Richard Garet

Monday October 26, 10pm
The anniversary celebration - microhouse dance party with Alka Rex /
Ezekiel Honig / Thomas Hildebrand (live), eVa (dj), Josha Ott, Richard Garet (live visuals)
at Santos Party House