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The open factors for a practice outside of the Ereignis (event, special event, happening) are put into play to liquidate the spectacle complex. The parameters of the found surroundings  are twisted to create a tension in the here and now. For example, if there are chairs, don't put them in rows. If there are ladders, leave them around; go for ambiguity, not corporate presentation standards. To work with SITUATION is not specific to any particular work, and is a factor for anything that's produced and presented, but to varying degrees. The TAG is used when the SITUATION was or is an important factor in the work. FOR SITE would be related, yet SITUATION is more about the tweaks, about providing a framework for the work, and the creation of a new place to be, not about using the site as content of the work.

This is also in reference to my curatorial practice, where I organize public programs and events. These are more focused on community, artistic experimentation and not the new fetish of the special event, shiny intellectual entertainment, or the art spectacle. SITUATION as occurrence, as experimentation within structures. Santos was Closed. Chelsea is dead on Mondays. Contemporary Temporary.