Pinacoteca, Bellas Artes Universidad de Caldas
Manizales, Colombia
An installation with quadrophonic audio by Juan Betancurth and Daniel Neumann presented at XV International Image Festival.
May 9 - 13 2016

Juan Betancurth Daniel Neumann Installation Manizales XV Festival Internacional de la Imagen

This is an installation that re-stages a past performance - the closing performance of Breaking the Cycle, which took place on July 17 2015 in New York.

At its center is a bunk bed, inviting visitors to sit or lay down and listen to a quadrophonic rendering of the performance. The original performance as imagined by the artists never happened. It circumstantially changed into something completely different and unexpected. The process of how this performance changed and eventually happened is documented in a booklet on the bed (pdf). THE WITNESS GOES MISSING uses documentation material from a past work and turns it into a narrative new work. In the new installation, the documentation material and multiple imaginary layers - the original idea, an actor narrating it and the narration played back in the actual performance - are overlaid to leave the audience suspended in a sort of dream state.

Manizales XV Festival Internacional de la Imagen Juan Betancurth Daniel Neumann