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the practice of OBJECT-ARTICULATION has been developed in collaboration with juan betancurth starting in 2013 and becoming one of neumann's main approaches to making sound sculptures and installations. specific technological relics - often found objects - get stripped of their everyday functions and meanings, and are put into an ambivalent, yet charged, ontological space. the object becomes sculptural and temporal. the sonic material is then imagined as an expression of the object itself, a speculative voice, a generative, complex dialogue between the objects themselves and the space-field housing them. space, object and situation become a continuum, not separated entities. sound facilitates this continuum and invites the listener to become part of it. multiple objects are grouped and installed as part of a new system - a temporal systemic composition - that seems to follow new rules, with explicit site-sensitivity. FOR SITE. the group of objects is then sonically articulated on site, as an ensemble. the sonic component of the objects is therefore always being modified, changing depending on the context, meaing each time they’re getting installed somewhere.