Sinne Gallery / Viherpaja
Random Daily Recording #002 - 20160418 - 2:19pm
IN A MYTH OF THE ACTUAL is an installation by Juan Betancurth and Daniel Neumann as part of the exhibition MIRAGE by Sinne Gallery Helsinki, on view for 6 months. The installation consisted of six objects spread out in a vacant part of the greenhouse complex, each emitting sound.

Sinne Gallery Helsinki Betancurth Neumann
A vibrating box with two high-power transducers inside. The visitor is meant to sit or lay on the box to feel low frequency beating and resonance transmitted to the body. Above, hemispherical speaker #3, is probably whispering.

The six objects were:
01 Water Basin (2x 18” low frequency speaker drivers) 
02 Suspended Double Phase (2x out-of-face 15” speaker drivers, suspended on rubber belts)
03 Vibrating Box (2x high power transducers)
04 Hemisphere 1 (by entrance)
05 Hemisphere 2 (near Basin)
06 Hemisphere 3 (above Box)

Sinne Gallery Helsinki Betancurth Neumann
The basin, covered, just a blacked out diagonal hints into the depth. It vibrates from underneath.

betancurth neumann

Like their earlier collaborations, this one, too, is about incorporating elements, structures and atmospheres from the existing milieu. They first break down and analyse (clean up) the prevailing situation, the site and its constituents in order to subsequently assemble a new structure from these parts, one that follows new rules. Sound is an important element in their installations, and for IN A MYTH OF THE ACTUAL they have made sound into a tactile material by installing modules that vibrate and resonate. For the first time, the artists will be monitoring and using their work online. During the course of the exhibition, Neumann will log in and use the sound installation and the room as an instrument in his live performances elsewhere in the world.

Sinne Gallery Helsinki Betancurth Neumann
The Double-Phase object, suspended on rubber belts.

Sinne Gallery Helsinki Betancurth Neumann
Over the 6 month period, the vegetation changed. Harry, the greenhouse owner, about the installation: "Yes, it's good now, but it will be much better with the tomatoes and cucumbers!"

Sinne Gallery Helsinki Betancurth Neumann
(Photos by Kia Orama and Sebastian)

The other Hemisphere, at the opening.